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Sports Injury

When an athlete injures himself or herself, efficient and safe rehabilitation is incredibly important.  The goal is not to interrupt the training or practice schedule, or to keep the interruption as small as possible.  Sports massage therapy can aid in recovery from various injuries such as acute or chronic strains and sprains, and tendonitis’.  It can enable the athlete to be free of myofascial trigger points and adhesions; reduce/eliminate chronic pain/injuries; and can allow the athlete to use their energy in the most effective way.  Sports massage can help flush away lactic acid build up after the ‘burn’ of a workout, as well as assist in increasing blood flow following the microtearing and constriction of tight muscles.  If the consequences of microtearing are not removed, it can hinder the blood flow and therefore prevent the athlete from using their muscles to their full capability.

Two other areas of sports massage are pre and post event massage.  A pre-event massage will help the athlete warm up, allow the time for the athlete to focus on the event and increase blood flow.  A post-event massage will reduce the chance of spasms, and metabolic waste can be flushed away.

Techniques can include manual lymph drainage (great for acute injuries and swelling), myofascial release (great for subacute and chronic injuries), and trigger point therapy (great any time there is not acute pain). Contact us today to make an appointment.

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